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Healthy Chicks/Apple Cider Vinegar

One thing that I have found to really help with sour crop, fungal and yeast problems is a very simple thing, just a shot glass of Apple Cider Vinegar (the one with the Mother in it) is a great preventer of these type of problems.  Just add the Vinegar to a gallon of water and use that to mix your handfeeding formula.  Works great.

  Spice Mix

I was given this mixture quite a long time ago by a breeder of cockatiels. It is simple and you have the ingredients in your kitchen cupboard. It is made up of two parts grandulated garlic powder (not salt), one part each of ginger and one part cinnamon. The garlic is a natural antibiotic, the cinnamon has been proven to kill E-coli, and the ginger settles the tummy. I use this at least once a day in my handfeeding formula. It is more of a preventative then anything else.

Quikon Med

This is an all natural oregano herb. This is also a preventative It is a natural bactericidal, coccicidol and fungicidal product rather than an antibiotic. Rather than inhibiting bacteria, QM destroys them so that no resistant bacteria and oocytes remain. I use this once a day in the handfeeding formula. Sometimes I found that my baby greys might develp a bacterial problem, and then of course, they would have to be treated with a routine of antibiotics and an antifungal. With the use of this product…I have not had any problems with bacterial infections developing…Sometimes you have babies that just don’t seem to be doing well, but are not actually sick, well just a pinch of QM in the handfeeding formula once a day will usually perk those guys right up. You can order a small container from ., They are located in Miami, FL, and see if you don’t notice a difference in those “just not so right” babies. You can call  them at 305-262-6077  and ask about the product.

Fertility Problems

I have been trying a new product from Avitec called Aviagra which is a product that actually brings both the hen and male into breeding mode at the same time.  I have been using it for this breeding season and have found that I have more eggs and more fertile eggs.  The real test will be to see if some of the pairs that I have that have had trouble, or have  not bred at all, will.  You can get this product and read about it at,  I have been using this for a little over two years now and I really do think that it helps.  I have gotten more eggs/chicks and even a few pairs that do not go very often, have started to lay pretty well.

Formula One

This is a product very much like Instant Ounces which sadly, we can’t get anymore.  This is added to the formula for all my babies.  I used to use the Instant Ounces every time that I fed my babies.  I did try this product made by, and have had good success with it.  It is very much like our “old standby” Instant Ounces.  It does the same type of good things for our babies as they grow.  I have a link to them on my site. 

Avian Trio

This is a great product for keeping your guys healthy. It is all natural so no chance of overdosing no matter what diet your birds are on. It is made up of bee pollen, royal jelly and propolis. It is a wonderful helper for fertility problems. Give Connie a call at 1-800-875-0096.  She is great to deal with and very knowledgeable. You will love this product and your birds will be healthy and have beautiful feathering. .  You might also want to try Avian Grandules.

Universal Soar & Nurture

These are two wonderful products from I have used the Nurture with Day-One baby greys and it is a wonderful probiotic along with some all natural herbs. Puts all the good stuff in the babies that they usually get from Mom and Dad. The Universal Soar has as one of its ingredients a natural clay that actually removes toxins from the bird’s body, as well as Spirulina and several really good all natural herbs. I like these two products as I try to only use all natural products with my birds, and have found these two to be really great. I highly recommend them.

Parrot Deli

This is an all natural product that you can make yourself.  It was originally developed by Dr. Lee Simons in Florida.  It consists of 4 parts of Alfalfa leaf powder, one each of carrot, beet and grandulated garlic powder.  I put it on all of my wet mash, seeds and even a pinch in the handfeeding formula once a day.  You can order the ingredients from,  I just made some here and it is super good stuff to give to your birds.  You can even use to for yourself on salads, potatoes, rice….it looks like chives, and is as good for you as for your birds.


This is a marvelous pellet type food that is great for helping a baby to maintain its weight while going through the weaning process.  It is fed by hand and is also a great bonding tool bettweeen baby and owner as it teaches baby that good things come from a hand.  It is also a great way to administer medicine as it can be injected right into the pellet and then fed directly to the bird without the bird even knowing that the medicine is there.  I feed this also as a treat for my bigger guys and they All love it.  To make it taste better and help with sliding it down the throat, just add a bit of a juice to the water that you use to soak the pellets in.  You can order an inexpensive bag of about 2 lbs for about $7 from,   Your birds will love you for it.

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