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Some of Margie's Babies

These are pictures of my babies as adults and some comments from their owners on how much they are loved. Also some pictures of some youngsters/babies in their new homes.

49 Photos

Brownthroat Conures

These are three Brownthroat Conure babies. We just got a young pair in the summer of last year and here are their first babies.

3 Photos

Our Pets

These are pictures of our family -- feathered, furry and fuzzy . . .

61 Photos

Whiteface Pied Cockatiel

Cockatiels are the sweetest pets one can have and make wonderful "first time" birds. They are beautiful, quiet and very loving. There are many absolutely beautiful colors in the "tiel" family. We no longer breed them but hope that you enjoy the pics of some of the birds we have had. If you want one, we might be able to help find a breeder for you.

7 Photos

Greencheek Conure

This is a whole clutch of Piper and Leo's babies. They have all found wondeful homes now. They make great, playful, petite and quiet pets for people of all ages. One might be perfect for you.

14 Photos

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