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familyWe’re Margie and Cal Adams. We run the place here at Margie’s Marvelous Birds. (Actually, Margie’s the brains behind the operation and Cal’s the chief cage-builder / repairer, feed bag carrier and general help mate around the aviary. We started small like a lot of others, with one pair of birds and soon were bitten by the “bug” and began to acquire another and another and so on.

We started with a pair of Sun conures, then there were maroon belly and green cheek conures, but then came the cockatiels. We now have  Blue Crowns, Peach Fronts, Half Moons, Green Cheeks, Gold Caps, Duskys and Brown Throats. We lean to the quieter pyrrhuras rather than the more boisterous aratingas due to our somewhat urban location and the proximity of neighbors. Of course there are still the tiels.

Tiels were, for a time, the focus of our breeding but became the “bread and butter birds” as we again adapted our program to concentrate more on the African species. The true passion of our aviary program has become the African parrots; Timneh and Congo Greys, Senegals, Jardines, Meyers, Red Bellies and Capes. We even ended up with one of our own grey babies, Scritch, as our family pet and recently held back a Cape Parrot male, Merlin, to live with us forever as well. One of the first grey babies that we ever raised is Stormy who is featured on our Home page and went to a wonderful home in Nebraska.

Thank you for stopping by. We hope you enjoy our site as much as we enjoy raising and caring for our marvelous friends. They help to keep us in tune with the wonderful and beautiful miracle of Nature. It is our hope that they can enrich your life as well.

Cal & Margie

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